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Tibet Landscape

Tibet has the unique landscape attracting almost every person who has been to it—a glance at a topographic map of the world tells you why. The plateau has a very distinct and protruding landscape, having a boot-like feature, which locates in the southwest of China.
Tibet has an average elevation of 4,900 meters(16,000ft), which is the highest region on the earth. There you can enjoy the majesty and magnificence of Mt.Kailash. If you like, you can also enjoy hiking for a while.
Tibet has beautiful scenery, some of which are world-famous. It is comparable to any other attraction, including Shangri-La, the mythical Himalayan utopia. With the plateau offering a completely breathtaking experience to its visitors across the globe, Tibet has become a popular tourist destination.
The northern and eastern parts of Tibet are bordered by the Central Plains of China, the west is Kashmir, the north is bordered by Xinjiang, and the southern neighbors are Nepal, India, and Bhutan.
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Tibet Religion

When we talk about the Tibet culture, we have to talk about Tibet religion. The religions in Tibet are mainly composed of Tibetan Buddhism, Bonism, and Folk Religion. In addition, there are also Islam and Catholicism. At present, the Tibet Autonomous Region has more than 1,700 Tibetan Buddhist temples, 46,000 monks living in the temple; Refer to Bonism, there are 88 temples, more than 3,000 monks, 93 living Buddhas, more than 130,000 religious believers;And 4 mosques, Islamic believers are than 3,000 people; one Catholic church, believers are more than 700 people. If you want to travel to Tibet, knowing some information about Tibet Religion will help you better integrated into the local environment.
From the perspective of geographical distribution, those religions have different degrees of social influence in different parts of Tibet. The existence of folk religion is even ignored by many people. From the perspective of religious taxonomy, Tibetan Buddhism, Bonism, and Islam and Cat…